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Business Ventures Pvt. Ltd.

About Us

Perfection Business Ventures Pvt. Ltd. is a company registered in Pune primarily focusing on Health Care Sector. PBVPL brings in applications of niche technologies to the Indian market to provide excellent benefits to the society. One of the main areas we focus is to infuse the best technologies in the field of Healthcare. With its huge population deprived of even basic healthcare, PBVPL strives to utilise technology to expand the reach of healthcare in India.


With over 6 years in the market presence and over 15 years expertise in Mobile solutions, we offer one stop solution to the customers in Mobile Medical Units:

  • Complete solution for Medical & Electrical Equipments from procurement to installation of base plates, anti vibration pads and commissioning.

  • Offline based Mobile EMR solutions integration with existing HMIS system.

  • Customised vehicle manufacturing to suit the terrain and for equipping the medical equipments

With rising cases of breast cancer being a killer disease for women across the world, detection of breast cancer at an early stage is a lifesaving activity. World over, organisations are putting resources to educate women about the risks of undetected breast cancer and  save precious lives through  timely breast cancer detection and  early intervention. Also for detection of a host of medical conditions using X ray, Ultra Sound and Pathological lab.

What We Do


With a proactive approach, the Perfection Business Ventures Private Limited team provides consultancy to clients who would like to tap the immense potential of the Indian market. With its established professional and personal relations with a spectrum of public sector and private sector organisations, Perfection Business ventures will be able to guide and position the clients on a good business launch platform in India at the entry level, from where they can catapult to success. Having excellent linkages with numerous organisations across the globe in the United States, Europe, South Africa, Nigeria, UAE, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and Australia, perfection Business Ventures utilises its professional skills and connectivity to support the entry of business houses into these countries. 


Perfection Business Ventures also assists foreign business houses to cost-effectively launch their products in India. The high expenditure involved in maintaining offices in India to promote their products is a thing of the past, and the professional assistance given by Perfection Business Ventures can be selected from one or all of the areas where services are provided. 

  • Management Consultancy

  • Business Development

  • Merger and Acquisitions/Joint Ventures

  • Market Study

  • Branding and Marketing

  • Global Ideology and Pricing

  • Manpower and Talent Identification

  • Supply Chain Management

  • Product Sourcing and Trade Facilitation

  • Project Management

  • Regulatory Approval

  • Corporate Social Responsibility and Philanthropy


Perfection Business Ventures is a corporate strategy, consulting, and international business concern. We provide consulting services on management strategy, personnel strategy, marketing strategy, and management systems. We cater to companies across all market capitalisations. Our policy division offers research and consulting on economy, industry, social policy, regional promotion, national land planning and regional policy, environment and energy, public management, information communication and information systems, technology development and intellectual property, financing and research, study proposals, and valuations related to various countries’ policies and systems.


The international business unit provides international corporate advisory services, consulting services to attract foreign investors, study and research regarding international financing and market development and individual countries' systems, economies, and industrial environments, report services for credit analysis of foreign companies, and trade and investment consulting to companies, domestic and foreign government-related organisations, and financial institutions.


Who We Are


Based in Pune, Maharashtra, one of the fastest growing economies of the world and the land of opportunities in the forthcoming decades, the company aims to be the launch pad and platform for international business houses aiming to enter and capture the Indian market. Perfection Business Ventures derives its strength from the mix of rich talent and experience of its professional consultants and the vision of its promoters. True to the meaning of its name, the company harmonises the efforts of its technically competent team to ensure that results are achieved in the given time frame and build up, growing the business.


The experience of the team includes the following:


  • Over three decades in Supply Chain Management, Logistics and Shipping

  • A decade of experience in business in the Persian Gulf countries

  • Global Business experience

  • Professionals (MBAs) in International Business



"To be respected and trusted as a company bettering human lives through its latest technology products and services”




To achieve this, we have imbibed the following values:




    We collaborate and share information with each other to provide seamless delivery.




    We continuously enhance our knowledge.




    We conduct our business in an ethical manner.


Result Oriented


    We are committed to achieving our goals.


Open to Change


    We are quick to adapt to new situations.




    We take ownership of all our actions




    We can scale up at any given point to provide efficiency and bandwidth to projects.




    We are able to focus all our team’s energies into our projects by virtue of our proactive, uncompromising attitude and professional competence


Lateral Thinking


    We challenge the status quo to design creative solutions.




    We are transparent in our dealings.


Courage of Conviction 


    We promise to deliver whatever we undertake.