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Molecular Diagnostics

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We have tied up with the first DNA based Clinic and a molecular platform innovated to offer customized solutions for identification of DNA based changes and its impact on the health and disease outcome. In the last three decades, with the advent of high end technology and tools in Molecular Life sciences, there has been a transition from Blood/ Serum/ Sputum/ Tissue, Protein based diagnostics to Nucleic Acid (DNA/RNA) based Diagnostics. With the completion of Human genome project and Next generation rapid DNA sequencing based platforms, there has been a global phenomenon of Molecular medicine. If Precision medicine is to scale up or make it a mass program we have the right kind of application tools and trained manpower to implement it in each healthcare industry.


In cancer, clinicians are gaining an increasing understanding of why breast cancer, colon cancer, or prostate cancer show such widely diverging progressions in different patients –different biological foundations that are grounded to a large extent in the genome of the cancer cells. These differences are being addressed through personalized medicine at our partnered organisation. Our researchers are implementing more and more biomarkers in molecular diagnostics.


Looking at the DNA and its changes can empower us today what is in store for us tomorrow. From familial diseases to life style disorders everything is scripted in our DNA and the faster we know it, the better we are equipped to manage it and maintain a good quality of life and a secured future. Customizing our dietary intake and pharmacological tolerance would immensely benefit individuals with lactose/Gluten/nuts and other processed food allergy or resistance to certain number of drugs. Biological ageing process and stress would also be mapped and there is always a scope of optimization and better management after the test. inDNA Life Sciences has taken the first steps to personalize disease management by offering a range of DNA based solutions, to a range of clinical problems, in the fields of Cytogenetics, Cancer, Genetic Disorders, and Mendelian defects.


Currently we has established its network and facilitation centers at Kolkata , Delhi Mumbai and Bangalore with its head quarter laboratory at Bhubaneswar India. We are working with the top Clients in the country including Apollo group, the AMRI group as well as leading clinicians in the country.


We are aiming to have National and international GENOME GRID for each of the diseases with complete clinical and Molecular data base and each such center will be equipped with soft biology support.


Being a premier DNA based Diagnostic Platform in the country, we have visions to collaborate with credible organizations, as we find that there is an immense scope to jointly grow and create a niche brand of an integrated approach in the field of Molecular Fertility, High Risk Pregnancy Management, PediaGenetics, Life Style Genetics, and OncoGenetics Solutions at the level of DNA.